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TV-Inspired Baby Halloween Costumes: From Blue’s Clues to Sesame Street

Halloween is only 15 days away, so here are some TV-inspired ideas if you are still searching for a great baby Halloween costume:

Giggling Elmo Deluxe Jumpsuit- This Elmo costume may help satisfying your baby’s Elmo cravings, and it’s alot less noisy that Elmo Live.

Blue’s Clues Romper- Why kids love Blue’s Clues is a mystery to me, but this baby looks totally adorable.

My First Thomas Costume- A Thomas the Tank Engine costume is perfect for little engineers in training.

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Thomas the Tank Engine

Thomas the Tank Engine
Thomas the Tank Engine has gotten something of a (deserved) bad rap recently due largely to the lead content in the paint used on the toys and the subsequent toy recalls. I am not even a parent and it bugs me to no end to think that people would use toxins in Thomas & Friends toys. But the lead contamination problem notwithstanding, Thomas the Tank Engine is one kid mystery that deserves exploration, because kids around the world love Thomas and his friends.

I think that for an adult, learning the all the characters in the Thomas universe would be like trying to learn Basque from a book. There are just too many, and the distinctions between them are very nuanced. For example, I have a hard time telling the difference between Thomas and Wilbert. To my mind, they are both blue trains with faces on them. But kids can very easily tell the difference and will correct you, so don’t even bother trying to fool them.

Here are some great Thomas guides (pun intended) to help you navigate Thomas’ world:

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