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My Fake Baby: Ummmm…..WHOA


So apparently I have been a little behind on this trend: grown women buying incredibly realistic dolls called Reborns and treating them like babies.  There are even web communities and stores like Simply Reborn and Irresistables that sell dolls and offer classes for women who want to create their own fake babies.  I am a bit speechless, so I will let these videos speak for themselves:

Links to more information on Reborns:

On that note, let’s move on to today’s Stroller of the Day: the Combi Stroller.  Each Combi stroller is said to fulfill “the Parenting Dream”, and while that sounds great, I’d think I’d prefer getting my parental fulfillment elsewhere (perhaps a Reborn?).  But  Combi strollers will at least provide a safe and stylish ride, if not fulfillment.

Combi Stroller

October 2, 2008   2 Comments

Weirdest Commercial Ever: VW Routan Baby Boom

I have no idea what to make of the new Volkswagen Routan commercials starring Brooke Shields.  The commercials been called “hilarious“, but I find them somehow really unsettling.  It’s like I understand why it should be funny, but I can’t get why it actually isn’t funny in execution.  Oh well.

Apparently, VW is also planning an interactive web tool to go along with this bizarre ad campaign.  Couples will be able to upload their photos and generate a composite of their future Routan Baby.  That should help motivate wanna-be parents to get procreating!  The good news is that the Routan has a lot more child car seat anchors than other minivans, so all those Routan Babies will have a place to sit.  Joy!

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September 30, 2008   5 Comments

Teen Pregnancy Barbie In the News

Barbie Redesign

I had no idea when I stumbled upon Teen Pregnancy Barbie last week that she was going to turn into an internet sensation.  Here’s what people have to say:

September 25, 2008   No Comments

Kissing Hands and Shaking Babies: Infants in Politics

Bush Baby

The “shaking hands and kissing babies” routine has been in politics as long as there have been politicians, but this year, babies are demanding a more active voice in the election process.  If you have a baby that is screaming to make their opinion heard, check out the following baby clothes:

Young conspiracy theorists will love the Sarah Palin is Not My Real Mommy one piece jumpsuit.

OBama 08

This toddler t shirt makes a super-powered pro-Obama statement.

I only cry when democrats hold me

Little Republicans make their case known with the I only cry when Democrats hold me T shirt.

Ron Paul for President

These Dr. Ron Paul Delivers Liberty t-shirts are great for babies planning to write in a vote for Ron Paul (well, when they learn how to write.)

Hillary 2012

Future-looking pro-Hillary babies will appreciate the sentiment of the Hillary 12 t shirt.

Ralph Nader

The sure things in life: death, taxes, and Ralph Nader running for president in every election.  The great thing about this Nader for President t-shirt is that it’s sure to be a family heirloom that gets passed on to a new baby every four years.

September 23, 2008   2 Comments

Barbie’s Been Getting Busy: Teen Pregnancy Barbie

Teen Pregnancy Barbie

I didn’t know how right I was when I first said this has been a busy summer for Barbie.  Artist Nina M. Westerberg got straight to the point when redesigning Barbie as a commentary on 2008’s unexpected social concern, teen pregnancy.  This Barbie is a funny, ironic, yet painfully sad reminder of teen pregnancy’s current glamorized image.

The body used for Teen Pregnancy Barbie was that of Barbie’s oldest friend, Midge.  Controversial in her own right, pregnant Midge was pulled from Wal-Mart shelves for a while after parents complained about Midge’s key selling point: a curled up baby that pops out of her belly when opened, which many parents feel promotes teen pregnancy.

Happy Family Midge

Yeah, I can see how parents might object.  The doll makes it seem like babies pop out pain free and with a bunch of adorable accessories.  Maybe Mattel should have taken this angle with Midge instead:

At any rate, these kids sure have fun with Happy Family Barbie and Midge:

September 17, 2008   1 Comment

The Joy of Breastfeeding: Now for Dads!

Man Milk

My eyes have been opened to a WHOLE new world in the past 24 hours: breastfeeding fathers.  When I stumbled upon Milkmen: Fathers Who Breastfeed, I had a hard time believing it was even possible for men to breastfeed.  But I did a little research, and apparently it’s not only legitimate, it’s becoming somewhat popular (even though the baby in the above photo looks as confused as I am by the process.)

So, to assist dads who may be interested in exploring the possibilities of breastfeeding, here are some suggestions:

Avent ISIS iQ DUO Twin Electronic Breast Pump

Avent ISIS iQ DUO Twin Electronic Breast Pump: I think this would be great, because it allows both parents to pump at the same time, if necessary.  Or, dads on the go can pump both of their own breasts at once.

Fenugreek Pills

Fenugreek seed has been used for centuries to promote lactation in women.  Maybe it can work for guys who want to breastfeed too.

My Wife is Too Lazy To Bottlefeed

The “My Wife’s Too Lazy to Bottlefeed” line of shirts from The Lactivist are perfect for breastfeeding dads.

September 16, 2008   No Comments

Baby Shoes for Shopaholics in Training

Heelarious shoes

My head feels like it’s going to explode after seeing the Heelarious baby high heels.  I can’t get over how ridiculous they are.   I am a little freaked out by the concept of dressing babies like adults, but I guess I am in the minority with that opinion, because Heelarious baby high heels are flying off the shelves.  On the upside, these high heeled baby shoes will go great with:


Baby perfume

Baby Toupee

September 15, 2008   No Comments

Wild Baby Captured in Downtown LA

Baby Jane Doe

This is definitely the craziest thing I have heard all week: a 6-month old baby was found crawling around downtown LA by herself on Monday. I shudder to think how that even happened. I really hope this story has a happy ending; best wishes to that adorable little girl.

August 28, 2008   No Comments

BBB: Babies Behind Bars

It’s kind of funny when you think about it, infants in prison, but it is a real fact for many penitentiaries around the U.S. Mothers who were arrested while pregnant or have a young infant are sometimes allowed to have their babies live in the prison with them (is that really fair?). I guess it’s a good thing because these new moms get the chance to bond with their babies; plus the prisons believe that allowing this will decrease the mother’s chances of being incarcerated again. It is also hoped that the next generation child will stay out of jail.

The program is only available to the mothers who have been convicted of non-violent crimes and have short sentences. There is a scheduled routine – the inmate moms wake-up, change diapers, dress their babies then take a walk. Around 11 am, it’s nap-time for the infants. There are also scheduled activities in the nursery where the babies sleep (story time, play time, etc).

Here are some cute outfits for these BBBs:

I'm Too Pretty For Jail

This “I’m too pretty for jail” onesie is adorable; hopefully she’ll be out soon…

I <3 Prison Psychologists

“I love prison psychologists” … don’t we all?

North Dakota Prison Infant Bodysuit

These penitentiary onesies can be purchased by the state.

Johnny Cash Folsom Prison

And can’t forget the baby prison stripes!

August 16, 2008   1 Comment

Snow White Heads to the Big House?

Snow White and Tinkerbell in handcuffs

Protesting Mickey Mouse

A protest at Disneyland apparently got pretty heated as costume-clad employees marched for health care benefits and were subsequently arrested. I can see the point the protesters are trying to make by wearing Disney costumes, but I think that point gets muted by just how cute and slightly absurd they all look. When I look at the face of the angry Mickey Mouse protester, I can only hear Mickey’s cartoon voice, and I just start giggling non-stop.

Whew. Thank goodness it’s Friday. I can’t handle any more crazy news this week.

August 15, 2008   No Comments

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