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Spooky Baby Halloween Costumes: Vampires

I admit, I am a little Halloween-obsessed.  But these baby vampire costume ideas are seriously cute.


Young bloodsuckers in training prefer Lil’ Vampire Pacifiers.

Baby Vampire

This Baby Vampire bunting costume features exquisite tuxedo styling-for ages 0-6 months.

Little Bat Baby Costume

A less traditional approach to the classic Vampire costume: the Vampire Bat.

September 22, 2008   1 Comment

Baby Shoes for Shopaholics in Training

Heelarious shoes

My head feels like it’s going to explode after seeing the Heelarious baby high heels.  I can’t get over how ridiculous they are.   I am a little freaked out by the concept of dressing babies like adults, but I guess I am in the minority with that opinion, because Heelarious baby high heels are flying off the shelves.  On the upside, these high heeled baby shoes will go great with:


Baby perfume

Baby Toupee

September 15, 2008   No Comments

Strollers: Not Just for Babies Anymore

I have noticed many people around town using baby strollers for everything but babies.   Since some (but not all) of these people are homeless men that I assume don’t have babies, this raises some questions for me:

  1. Where are they getting the strollers?  Do people just leave unwanted baby strollers on the side of the road or something?  Are they being stolen from unsuspecting babies?  Are they finding used strollers at thrift stores?
  2. If the strollers were purchased and not found or stolen, why choose a stroller?  Surely there must be other cart alternatives that cost around the same or less than a used stroller and can carry items more efficiently.
  3. What kind of laws apply to things like strollers used for non-baby purposes?  For example, the stroller in the photograph above was locked to a Tow Away/No Stopping Sign for 4 days before I even took this picture.  Does that count as parking in a tow-away zone?

Here are a couple more close-ups of the stroller and lock:

I don’t get it.  Anyone have any ideas on how this stroller trend started?

September 11, 2008   No Comments

Baby Gear for Jet Setting Tots

Elegant baby

Babies who divide their time between the French Riviera and Beverly Hills, while trying to master the subtleties of potty training and their ABCs, demand exclusive quality baby gear for play dates and preschool parties. The following baby products have enough taste and refinement to make an impression worthy of the poshest tot:

Amber Hagen Dinosaur Hoddie

Amber Hagen Cashmere/Cotton Dinosaur Hoodie: Only $160 for blend of 20% cashmere and 80% cotton. For an extra fee, I am sure you can also buy instructions on how to get baby spit out of cashmere.

Silver Cross Balmoral

Silver Cross Balmoral Pram: This perennial celebrity favorite can be yours for just under $3k. Vroom-vroom.

Minimink Wrap

Minimink Wrap: I wish these came in adult size. It would probably cost more than my car, but it definitely looks “luxurious.” Baby-sized wraps are a slightly more reasonable $120.

Of course, babies with busy social calendars need plenty of fashion options, so here are a few more great links:

August 27, 2008   No Comments

Nice Shades, Baby!

Kids Banz Sunglasses

The summer is drawing to an end and you may be packing away the kids’ swimsuits until next year, but eye protection is a good idea all year long, so keep the kids’ sunglasses handy for fall and winter activities. I am thrilled to find these Baby Banz baby- and kid-sized sunglasses that actually stand a chance of staying in place on an active kid’s face. They look adorable AND have a 400 UV rating, so kids’ sensitive eyes stay protected. Plus, they are practically indestructible, so parents don’t have to worry about the glasses breaking into a million pieces. Kids will also find these glasses comfortable, so they may actually enjoy getting into the healthy habit of wearing sunglasses.

If your toddler needs some convincing to wear their sunglasses, here are some links about the importance of sunglasses for keeping kids’ eyes healthy:

August 19, 2008   No Comments

Air Travel: Lap vs. Child Seat

So you’ve decided to take an airplane trip with your little one, but have chosen to skip out on buying them a ticket for their own seat. You think, he’s too small or I can hold onto her; nothing will happen. The FAA, Federal Aviation Administration, don’t currently require children under 2 to travel in a child seat or to even have their own seat. Of course, by enforcing this would cause airlines to lose customers who don’t want to pay for an extra ticket. Well, even if your baby isn’t that heavy and you feel that you can hold on tight enough during turbulence and emergencies – think again. During these instances, a 25-pound baby can weigh twice or even three times as much, making it difficult to hold on to.

Before you think about pocketing the money for your baby’s ticket, consider getting an FAA approved child seat.


If your child isn’t so small and weighs over 40 lbs, CARES can be used instead of a child seat. It’s specifically made for plane seats, not for cars.

Car Seat

You can also use a regular car seat that meets FAA requirements. You can find this on the tag or box of the seat, which will read “FAA Approved”. It should be clear that the child seat is made for both vehicles and aircrafts, so check before you buy.

GoGo Kidz Travelmate

I think this is a wonderful invention. The Gogo Kidz Travelmate is perfect for toting around your luggage, car seat and, of course, child. No more worrying about holding your kids hand or pushing a large stroller. You get the best of both worlds.

Before you buy a new child seat or bring along the one you have, call the airline to find out the measurements of the plane seats; some may be too narrow to fit your child seat. The airline can also give you recommendations as well.

August 17, 2008   2 Comments

Silence of the Babies

Here are some novel ideas to soothe screaming babies:

Cry No More

Cry No More pacifier: For the baby that likes his binky with some Fava beans and a nice Chianti.

Baby Massage

Baby Massage: I think I speak for all babies when I say baby massage sounds like a fantastic idea.

Aviar Rocker

A funky rocking chair: Because Mom and Dad need to relax just as much as Baby.

Slumber Bear

Slumber Bear: For the discerning baby who demands “ACTUAL intra-uterine recorded womb sounds” in his sleep aids.

August 7, 2008   No Comments

Pure Diaper Changing Genius: The Pee-pee Teepee

Pee-pee Teepee

I’ve done enough babysitting to know that it’s pretty much duck-and-cover when changing little boys’ diapers, but it never occurred to me to do anything beyond trying to keep the baby covered with a fresh diaper. Recently, however, I have discovered the Pee-pee Teepee, which, in addition to keeping diaper-changing adults nice and dry, may be the best baby boy gift EVER. Here are some reasons why:

Pee-pee Teepee Santa Hat

The Santa Hat: the mere thought of this Pee-pee Teepee in action around the holidays makes me giggle.

Pee-pee Teepee Green Camo

Green Camo: for the baby who loves going commando!


Skulls: because some babies are just born to rock.

I am not sure the babies will grow up and be thrilled to see photos of themselves sporting the Pee-pee Teepee (as much as those photos may amuse others), so let’s just hope for everyone’s sake that what happens in the Pee-pee Teepee stays in the Pee-pee Teepee.

August 5, 2008   4 Comments

Paris Hilton’s Next Role: A Mom????

Paris Hilton Green Dress

Please tell me the rumors are wrong: supposedly a jealous Paris Hilton is trying to have a baby in an attempt to steal tabloid attention away from best frenemy/former co-star Nicole Ritchie. Egads.

There are so many reports both confirming and denying the story that I don’t know what to believe anymore. However, in case she is pregnant, I found the perfect maternity tops for her:

Tummy Ts

Due Maternity: Jonesin' Hoodie

Leave Me B Drama Queen

July 22, 2008   3 Comments

Zaky Infant Pillows: Give Baby a Hand!


The Zaky infant “hand” pillows are totally weird and creepy to me as an adult, but apparently babies really like them, so they can’t be all bad. If the Zakys are as comforting and effective as everyone says they are, they could be a total lifesaver for babysitting aunts everywhere, not to mention frustrated parents.

But it turns out the baby doesn’t like them, maybe you can incorporate them into a kid’s Halloween costume!

July 15, 2008   2 Comments

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